About Us

General overview


Our vision:

Promote and facilitate the values of mutual assistance, equity and integrity in the exchange of monetary and / or in-kind donations among people all over the world


Our mission:

To be a non-profit organization that promotes the facilitation of donations by sending these donations as quick as possible with reduced related costs.


 Our values:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Credibility

  • Transparency

  • Leadership

  • Compliance with commitments to   partners

  • Continuous innovation in services to be offered to partners


WORLD SOLIDARITY DEVELOPMENT is a Canadian not-for-profit organization created and legalized in December 2016 with the following objectives:

  • Facilitate donations between people and / or different organizations with the aim of solidarity and development all over the world

  • Introduce and teach financial education between donors and beneficiaries

  • Encourage donors to help beneficiaries to get financial independence by facilitating the acquisition of a first start-up fund for income-generating activities

The administration and management of WOSODE is carried out by administrators specialized in:

  • Management of development projects in developing countries

  • Preparation and setting up of income-generating activities



  • Donate 

  • Financial Education plan

  • Assistance in starting and management of income-generating activities projects

  • Fundraising for identified projects




To achieve its goals, WORLD SOLIDARITY DEVELOPMENT has established partnerships with banks, financial institutions and microfinance institutions in different countries. This allows the different beneficiaries of donations to benefit from the services offered by these institutions at reduced costs, in particular opening accounts, easy access to credits, support services in the management of identified projects, etc.

Send your donations at low cost and save time!

New concept with WOSODE:

  • We help you to open a bank account for the beneficiaries of your donations, and this will enable them to properly manage these donations without the risk of lost or inappropriate expenses.

  • We facilitate the negotiation and granting of credits to your recipients of donations on terms and conditions easily accessible to all.

  • Our agents contact your beneficiaries directly to come to open a bank account or to pick up all the donations sent.